HOPE  STREET  HOUSE, based in Sunshine Coast, Australia, have been composing and producing melodic, progressive House electronic dance music since 2016. The latest release is the single World Mesh (vocals) following on from Uncanny Chasm, ellipsis earth, Aqueous Air, Somatic Mind, Viridian Sanctuary (vocals), Lilly Pilly Python, Strange Angel, Teleseismic Violet, Nascent Manoeuvre, Ulterior Kinetic, Lightrail, Dunerun, Firebird, Bioluminescence, flight and formation, Stormwater and Heat Sync.


Sara Vancea – composer, producer, singer

Clayton McDonald – post-production

HOPE  STREET  HOUSE also work as another music artist profile – HOPE STREET – composing, producing and releasing avant-pop songs.